The purpose of Makonsag Aboriginal Head Start is to provide a culturally-enriched preschool environment that fosters early learning and enhances pride through education to ensure that Aboriginal children and their families have positive lifelong experiences as members of Aboriginal communities.

Mission Statement

Our Early Childhood Educators offer your child love, acceptance and understanding while fostering the growth and development of each individual. Aboriginal Head Start children socialize with peers, begin to problem solve and learn through play in a positive, culturally-enriched environment.

Aboriginal Education

Education among many of our nations is traditionally the responsibility of every member of the community, providing children with lifelong learning from an early age. In the urban environment, however, families need extra support to engage the Aboriginal community in educating our children.

At Makonsag, we work closely with extended families, Elders and community members to share their knowledge and skills with the next generation and to strengthen the urban Aboriginal community around children and their families.

There is no payment of fees for children to attend the Head Start program. Beginning in September 2012, Makonsag is offering an Extended Day Program to Head Start families for a fee and for the first time, we are opening after school spaces for children from the general community.

Makonsag recognizes that parents are the first and most important teachers of their children. One of our goals is to foster parents’ interest in their children’s education and we always encourage parental involvement at our centre. Makonsag helps parents bridge the link between home and school learning, preparing children and their families for entry and success in mainstream kindergarten and primary school.


Makonsag Aboriginal Head Start
#600 - 700 Industrial Ave.
Ottawa, ON
K1G 0Y9

Phone: 613.724.5844
Fax: 613.724.7944

Executive Director:
Brad Evoy
Email: bevoy@makonsag.ca


Program Site: 297 Olmstead Street

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