The Head Start Program is a pre-school (ages 3-6) program designed to involve parents and families toensure that everyone is prepared for the transition into elementary school.

This is done by ensuring the child is ready for the routines and dynamics of a classroom setting and provides the supports for the families overall readiness for their child’s academic career.

We accomplish this through (but not limited to) parent councils, committees, meetings, workshops, and referral to community partners.

Mission Statement

The Kenora Anishinaabe-Kweg Aboriginal Head Start Program takes a holistic approach to Aboriginal early education by:

  • Providing early prevention/invervention programs and services for the mental health and well being of Urban Aboriginal (Status, Non-Status, Metis, and Inuit) pre-school children in the City of Kenora.
  • Fostering the Spiritual, Emotional, Intellectual, Social, and Physical growth of each child to it’s full potential which will contribute to life long learning and an easy transition into grade school.

We provide a supporting and nurturing environment that reflects the Anishinaabe culture.

1304 Ninth Street North
Kenora, ON
P9N 2T7

Program Coordinator:

Shelley Seymour


Tel: (807) 468-3337
Fax: (807) 468-3093


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