The Fort Erie Native Friendship Centres (FENFC) was incorporate on February 17, 1983 and became a member of the Ontario Federation of Indian Friendship Centres (OFIFC) in 1984. Its founding directors are: Verna Grace Hill, Gerald Alexander Hope, Olivene Marie Hill, Elaine King, Dalton Bernard St. Germain, Eleanor Elizabeth Martin, Loris Arnold Jamieson, Ethel Leona Moses, Peter Wayne Hill and Orval Porter.

When you talk about history one would be doing an injustice of the founding members if we did not try to go back to the very beginning. How the actions, beliefs, dreams and activities of much easier times affected and evolved into what is today.

Aims and Objectives

  • To assist Native people in their adjustment to urban life;
  • To provide a medium for the development of Native leadership;
  • To inform the Fort Erie Community, the Municipal, Provincial, Federal and Native governments, the academic community and the community at large about the issues affecting Native people in an urban environment;
  • To work with governments and communities mentioned in (3) above and other institutions, organisations and agencies to take positive action on matters that affect Native People;
  • To maintain Native traditions and to enhance the Native culture;
  • To encourage and promote the development of programs and activities to foster the culture of Native people;
  • To promote friendship and understanding between the Native people and the non-Native people;
  • To subscribe to become a member of and co-operate with other organisations, either incorporated or not, whose objectives are altogether or in part similar to those of the society;
  • To strive to bring the youth and elders together, which is difficult in an urban setting; and
  • To manage, the FENFC for the use and enjoyment of the Native people and the non-Native people and to promote the objectives set out above.

Programs and Services

Akwe:go, Alcohol and Drug, Alternative Secondary School, Apatisiwin, Canada Prenatal Nutrition Program, Community Action Program for Children, Community Career Development, Community Mental Health, Community Wellness, Criminal Courtwork, Cultural Connections for Aboriginal Youth, Health Outreach, Healthy Babies Healthy Children, Life Long Care, Urban Aboriginal Healthy Living, and Wasa-Nabin.


Fort Erie Indian Friendship Centre
796 Buffalo Road
Fort Erie, ON
L2A 5H2

Program Coordinator:

Danielle Longboat


Phone: 905.994.1761
Fax: 905.871.9655

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